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First, thank you for considering us for working your family. We love what we do and have a ton of fun, but we take that responsibility very seriously. Our goal is to bring your relationship with your dog into alignment and make it better. Real Life K9 is all about training your dog and teaching you for your dog to enhance your Real Life.

  I’m Jody Johnson. I own Real Life k9 and am the lead trainer here. I’ve literally owned dogs my entire life and have trained and handled dogs for law enforcement, SAR, Obedience, Protection, and scent detection along with other disciplines. I also own Hawk Creek Rottweilers, but make no mistake, we work with ALL breeds. I am licensed and inspected by the state of Ga. Dept of Ag. I am also a certified pet and working dog trainer and a certified affiliate of Top Tier K9 school for dog trainers. As the Deputy Chief for Colquitt County SAR, I still handle my search dog, Gabriel, one of the most certified SAR dogs in the state. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the top trainers in the country. I’m happy to discuss more of my resume, but I don’t want to bore anyone with too much info here.

  Madeline Johnson is my beautiful wife and right arm here at Real Life k9. She assists with training from time to time, but spends a great deal of time spoiling dogs. All house broke or crate trained dogs that come here, live in our house while here. As you can imagine, that creates a good bit of work feeding, pottying, and cleaning. I simply couldn’t do it without her.

  Daniel Johnson is our multi-talented son. He has attended multiple seminars with me and is quickly becoming a fantastic trainer in his own right. When it is appropriate, especially when your family has kids who will handle your dog, I have Daniel participate in training your dog. Daniel also assists in producing pictures and videos while we demo and train. He is also our number one kennel helper here. Keeping dogs exercised and cleaning are part of his responsibilities. To say we are proud of him is obviously an understatement. Daniel is a future trainer to watch.

  We take great care and pride in working with your family and your dog. We take proven approaches to training your dog. Approaches and methods acquired over a lifetime of working with dogs and learning under some of the most known trainers in the world. We use an approach of “train the dog in front of you”. Meaning, we’re not one trick ponies. We use methods proven to get results with most dogs. However, we use our backgrounds and resources to come up with solutions that work when a dog simply doesn’t respond to those methods. Again, our goal is to enhance your relationship with your dog. There is no room for egos. If I need to phone a friend, I can and will. I take my job that seriously.

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