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Hawk Creek Katie

Introducing Hawk Creek Katie. The first offspring of ours we have kept with us. Katie represents some of the world's finest working and show bloodlines. Her grandmother Fee Vom Haus Zschammer produced 2011 German Klubseiger, Imperator Vom Haus Zschammer. Talk about drive...Her prey and hunt drives are some of the best in our kennel. But, with Gabriel and Quanja being her sire and dam, we expected nothing short of amazing! We are well pleased with miss Katie as she is making a great addition to our pack. Katie is the kind of female we look for to expand and keep our kennel producing outstanding dogs. She is the kind of girl that makes choosing a sire worthy of producing with her a major undertaking. As always, Katie interacts with all of our family including our 11 year old son. She is very sound in temperament with a will to please that is just phenomenal. It is wonderful for us to have the privilege of producing such an amazing athlete.

Nena Can Simbolico

Welcome our super star and beauty queen Nena Can Simbolico. Nena is a Serbian Champion in confirmation with a very strong working background in her bloodlines. As you know, we are geared primarily toward working dogs here. But, when you get the chance to own working bloodlines that look like Nena...We jumped at the chance! Nena's looks are matched only by her willingness and drive to please. Nena has been started with narcotic scent detection and personal protection and is her potential hasn't begun to be filled! We are very grateful to be able to call this beautiful girl our own. An amazing head and perfect proportion and angles, a heart of gold, and even her own angel wings (look at her chest) made us fall in love with Nena. We are sure you will too. Her offspring are bound to be among the best in the US! 

Ali Von Hause Huenink

You simply can not deny the impressive years of top European breeding that is displayed in this girl's pedigree. You need not to look any further for a very impressive pedigree full of Europe's finest breeding. The champions on Ali's pedigree include such greats as Bronko Od Dragicevica and Gil Von Hause Milsped. There are multiple multi- championed dogs that obviously passed their traits on to this wonderful girl. Bred for beauty and built for work, Ali is a gorgeous animal to look at and to watch move about. She moves effortlessly with power that is unparalleled in our kennel. Ali is a loving mother and will do anything to please us. She never meets a stranger and loves everybody until she is asked to do her job. Ali is a

trusted babysitter of our son and several neighborhood kids love to play with her daily. However, Ali is a fiercely protective girl, thus she is the guardian of our horse barn and storage areas. Ali is a true beauty to look on. Standing at 63cm and weighing 45kg, Ali is an excellent sized girl. A beautiful head with dark eyes and black mouth are trademarks of Ali's offspring. Whether you are looking for a great show prospect and/or a family member, Ali's offspring are perfect for that and much much more!

Ansgar Delilah Adlele

 Delilah is our founding girl for this kennel's breeding program. Why her? I would love to give an elaborate description of how I hand picked Delilah. Truth is, she found us. I answered a want ad for a military family who had to relocate and needed to sell their four month old puppy. When I heard their story, saw her and her pedigree, I was hooked. The rest is history. So, then begs the question. Why breed with her? While we strive very hard and have spent countless hours and hours researching rottweilers and what to breed with and how to replicate worthwhile dogs, sometimes you just have to trust your gut! By looking at our other dogs you can tell that overall we believe in the German and European way of reproducing this wonderful breed. However, sometimes you just have to try something a little different. Delilah's pedigree is full of some very sound U.S. rottweiler history. Such names as Lord of the Rings, Full Metal Jacket, and Jeneck's cant simply be ignored. Delilah is not without her own accomplishments. She is a certified therapy dog and has been featured in Down Home magazine for her work in nursing homes, daycares, and schools. Delilah is a very mentally sound girl and hardly gets stressed about anything. She seems to know who to go to when she is doing visits so all we do is sit back and watch her work her magic. Delilah 

has made rottweiler lovers out of people who have feared this amazing breed for years. Even people who were bit by rottweilers in their childhood. Temperment is of the upmost importance here and we would and have trusted Delilah to babysit on more than one occasion. Delilah is perhaps our best and most trusted mother. Once she starts having puppies, you can go away. Every time you check her, her babies will be lined up next to her, clean, full, and warm. She loves being a mom. And an added bonus for us, she maintains better than any mother I've ever seen. Delilah has great confirmation too. She has a beautiful black mouth, super dark eyes, and a great powerful skull. A short level back with powerful legs and deep chest makes for a powerhouse that moves like a ballerina. If you are looking for an excellent mother line or family pet, This is your choice of mothers. Delilah stands 62cm and weighs in at 46kg.

Dixie Von Kam (Trinidad)

What can we say about our super producer, Dixie? When we first decided to start back breeding rottweilers, we knew we would only do it if we could do it right. Well, Dixie proves we are doing it right. Everything we had hoped for plus some came in the crate when we picked Dixie up from the broker. We were more than a little nervous to import our first dog from outside the U.S., but we soon fell in love with this girl. What intrigued us with this girl? Simply put...Bloodlines! With a pedigree like Dixie's you can really expect to get it all. And we did! Dixie was to be our first real confirmation show dog and was destined to be great until she ventured out into our round pen with a young horse and suffered a broke femur at only 4 months old. Obviously we were heartbroken, but

every bad thing can yield good. For us, Dixie became a loving family dog like no other. She is our son's protector and often sleeps in his room with him. Dixie is a loyal, playful, beauty queen. She absolutely loves being a mom and produces some of our best puppies. Dixie has a head to die for with a nice short muzzle, superb stop, super dark eyes, jet black mouth, and a scissor bite. Heavy bone and great muscle mass lead to this girl still being very strong despite her previous leg injury. We've been advised by our vet that while her leg is solid now and her hips are fine, she would likely not pass OFA certification due to her having walking oddly on that leg since a very young age. That being said Dixie has only produced sound hips so far, so we are confident in producing with her. If it's a great head filled with intelligence and drive you are looking for, this girl will absolutely give it to you. Dixie litters are almost always sold out before whelping so early deposits are highly recommended. With Dragicevica bloodlines all over her pedigree you can always expect great confirmation and formidable size. We absolutely love this beautiful mom!

Quanja Vom Hause Zschammer

Looking for drive? You have just found it! The best of the best German pedigrees, the looks, and work ability of a trojan horse, Quanja offers it all. Quanja is a culmination of years of the best breeding Germany has to offer. The proof is already out there. Just check out her half brother, 2013 ADRK World Champion, Imperator Vom Hause Zschammer. Destined to be a true great producer like her mother Fee, we are extremely proud to call this girl ours. We truly believe Fee has produced another very special girl in this beauty. Along with mom comes the traits from her amazing sire Adolf. Adolf marked this girl with excellent size and bone mass along with drive that we just haven't seen before. This gorgeous girl has been working and building 

drive since day one in her training. We are currently training Quanja for human remains detection. And she is coming along very well. We have to constantly remind ourselves of her age, because she don't quit! Physically, Quanja is a great specimen of what a 100% German rottweiler should be. A beautiful head with jet black pigment, 1a eyes, excellent stop, nice muzzle and skull width and a scissor bite makes Quanja a true beauty to look on. Perfect toplines, angulation, muscle and bone mass give her power that is just amazing to watch. We just can't wait to see what the future holds with this youngster. We are already looking at potential crosses to produce greatness with this awesome girl. If you are looking for the best German breeding found in the U.S. You simply can not find better than this wonderful addition to our kennel. Make your reservations for Quanja litters early as they will sell out without announcement.

Hawk Creek’s Abbiegail

When time to start considering the retirement of our founding female, Delilah, we knew we would want to keep a female from her to continue her exceptional mothering bloodline. So, we watched very carefully over her last couple of litters to hand pick the right girl to do just that. Well, I’m normally not one to brag, but we nailed it! Abbie is everything we had hoped for. I will admit, with a sire like Gabriel and a dam like Delilah, you really can’t go wrong with anything they produce. We’ve heard it time and time again thru the years. With her near perfect size, stature, and confirmation, 


Abbie is an amazing example of a female for the breed. Standing 62 cm and weighing in at 90 lbs, Abbie brings the perfect mix of size and athleticism to the table. Her jet black mouth, 2a eyes, and fantastic bone show her quality.   She has also already proven herself to be a wonderful addition to our kennel, continuing her mom’s legacy of outstanding motherhood. With some of the best German blood and a working sire like Gabriel on the top side and the best old school breeding the US had to offer years ago in Delilah , Abbie puppies will make amazing pets, working dogs, and family members.

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