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My mentors at Top Tier K9 have a saying “we are the gold standard in the dog training industry. We fully well intend to keep up our end of that. 

Obedience: It all starts with obedience. Whether you need to have Fido come when called better, stop jumping on the kids, or become an all out protection dog, it ALL starts with obedience. A dog is not a companion without obedience, he’s not a SAR dog, scent detection dog, tracker, Protection dog, or any other advanced trained dog without obedience. Obedience is where we teach the dog to communicate with us and how to learn. It is only then, we can progress the dog to his full potential. We teach commands which include: sit, down, come when called, place, and more. While here, we will work with your dog to stop nipping, jumping, or other minor behavioral issues. The average stay here for obedience is 3 weeks, but some dogs simply may require more. A part of this program is our lessons at Moultrie tractor Supply Co. You are welcome to attend up to 3 of these classes at no additional costs, allowing you to work with your dog in a controlled environment filled with distractions and challenges. We also often get dogs out in their 3rd week here to work in real life conditions. Home Depot, Pet stores, Tractor Supply, Down town, just to name a few. 

We will openly and clearly explain what we are doing, going to do, and give realistic timelines and costs associated with training your dog to meet your needs. We like to send dogs home on weekends when possible for one primary reason…we want you to practice with your dog. Make no mistake. Training your dog is a team effort. Our team plus you! Your relationship with your dog can and will change directly proportional to the amount of effort you put in. We simply ask you to spend around 30 minutes a day with your dog working on what we are teaching him. This is where our program differs from many others. We teach YOU how to maintain and expand on the foundation we have started. You shouldn’t need us forever! We love watching your progress, but our goal is to bring you and your dog together and then step aside and watch you grow. 

After obedience, then what? We will take time, at your request, to evaluate your dog while he is here for future training. You tell us your interests and we will evaluate and give you an unbiased opinion of yours and your dog’s capabilities. This is a critical time to not wear feelings on your sleeve, as it is my job to be honest, even brutally honest. I will not play any part of milking a customer’s wallet to push the wrong dog down the wrong path. If the pairing is right, we’ll move forward to whatever discipline it is you are interested in. I absolutely love watching a dog’s mind awaken to what he has inside him. There’s just nothing quite like it. I’ve certified therapy dogs, service dogs, SAR dogs, tracking dogs, scent detection dogs, and protection dogs. Some dogs can do it all, but not all dogs can do any of it. We’ll do our part and put the best training methods we know to bring out all your dog is capable of. 

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