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Qenaz Vom Schutzlowen Blut


Qenaz is a culmination of years of working and searching for our ideal rottweiler stud. Qenaz represents the some of the best German breeding available in the United States. He is exactly what we had hoped for in a stud for our kennel. He is a great sized boy, built with power and agility. Qenaz stands an impressive 68cm tall with near perfect proportion. His jet black mouth pigment, dark eyes, excellent stop, muzzle with, ear set, and scissor bite make for a stunningly beautiful head. Strong bones with excellent muscular structure and great angles makes for an awesome display of power and agility. Qenaz weighs in at 48kg at 2 years old.

He stays lean so that he can work at his job of a certified search dog without overly stressing his joints. Qenaz is a National and International confirmation champion and is currently certified thru NAPWDA as a tracking dog and will soon test for human remains detection certification also. Qenaz's pedigree was obviously the leading factor in having me look him up. You just can't find a more sound pedigree. There are simply too many schutzhund and confirmation titles to count. Excellence is simply in his blood. Sound minded, level headed, and undeniable personality are just some of the things that makes this boy my favorite of all of the dogs I've ever owned or handled. He is a loving, protective, and cherished member of our household. The best thing...he is passing these traits to his offspring! We hear from very happy progeny owners weekly saying how impressed they are with their new family additions. 

As of June 13, 2015 Gabriel has passed all tests and requirements and has been named to the Georgia Body Recovery Team. This is a huge accomplishment as there are only about 12 active K-9s on the team. We are extremely proud of Gabriel for passing the testing process despite VERY difficult conditions (he tested behind 2 females in heat)! We just can't say enough about Gabriel's will to work and please his handler! 

Yeti Vom Schutzlowen-Blut

One of my favorite dogs of all time! This boy has exactly what I wanted to add to my kennel when we brought him home. German royalty in his veins, outstanding overall structure, amazing intelligence, eagerness to please, and drive! Did I say drive? Oh man, it’s all there. But, with stability like you just don’t see every day. He can be turned on in full blown protection work, slamming a decoy one minute, and laying in my lap quietly the next. Yeti has excelled at everything I’ve thrown at him. Advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking, and real deal protection. He is NOT a sport dog. He is trained to be a protector for my family.  He has amazingly 


strong bite strength and the courage to go with it. Yeti is also one of my demo dogs when we do seminars and classes. Yeti’s pedigree includes some of the top rottweilers from Germany. His progeny will be wonderful additions to any family, working dog home, or kennel.

After a lot of careful consideration, we have decided to offer Yeti for sale to the right home. If you are looking to build your kennel, or, if you are  in need of an executive protection dog, this is your guy. I will be selective on where Yeti goes. He is for sale under private treaty and I reserve the right to refuse any home for any reason at my sole discretion. The price of this boy reflects his bloodlines, training, and potential. He will also only go to a home with me coming to you (included in the price) to deliver him and to train you on handling him and ongoing training. Contact me directly for more information at 229-589-0358.

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