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I grew up in the country and owned and trained hunting dogs and just pets for literally all of my life. I've owned beagles, hounds, bulldogs, shepherds, collies, etc. We used our dogs to protect family and property and to assist with hunting a variety of game animals. I learned to watch animals' natural tendencies while handling horses, cows and other farm animals as a way of survival. I learned quickly to recognize fear responses along with stubborn behavior and unwillingness to cooperate. I learned to use an animal's natural tendencies to help the animal to help me to perform tasks. After doing quite a bit of research, I purchased my first rottweiler in late 1992. After that dog I lost interest in pretty much any other breed. The adaptability and versatility of this breed along with the natural instinct to protect and care for their family is like no other I've ever seen. "Bud" was one of the most amazing animals I had ever handled. He had a 

natural way with kids as well as adults. I could tell story after story about him. But I'll spare you all but one for now. Bud was about a year and a half when my wife at the time, were baby sitting my niece and nephew. My nephew was pretty sick with a nasty cold. and required cough medicine and fever medicine pretty often. When we went to bed that evening the kids were on a pallet on the living room floor. Bud simply refused to go to his normal spot at the side of my bed. He instead laid beside my ailing nephew and for the first time that I could recall, he refused to obey his "go to bed" command. I, knew he felt he was doing something important, so I let him be. A few hours later in the night, I felt a cold nose against my arm. "Bud, Down" was my response. Fully expecting my loyal obedience trained companion to lay in his bed and go to sleep, I attempted to go back to sleep. Then..."Woof!" My honest first response was I wanted to hit him in his head!..btw..that's never a good idea! But it's 2a.m. and I'm not really awake nor do I want to

be. "You know you don't bark in here! DOWN!"... Instead, I get a Lassie like reaction straight from a tv screen. Bud runs down the hall, whimpers, and comes back to me lifting my arm up from my warm comfortable bed. He runs back to the door, stops and looks at me like "get up and come here". The message was clear so I get up and go with him. Straight to my nephew goes Bud and lays beside him looking at him and looking at me. It was then I awakened enough to realize that my nephew was constantly coughing and had chill bumps all over him. He was uncovered and couldn't hardly catch his breath for coughing. So, I go and get cough medicine and fever medicine, give it to my nephew and go back to bed. Bud again refused to leave, instead opting to again stay with my nephew. At the time, I was obviously a hard sleeper. This process basically repeated itself later that night, except I caught what Bud wanted 

at the first nudge from then on. The next day it sank in to me what an amazing dog I had as part of my family. For 13 years, Bud was the most loyal and loving dog I had ever owned. He completely sold me on the Rottweiler breed! I made my first attempt to breed rottweilers in the 1990's. I can now admit that I didn't know what in the world I was doing and shouldn't have been doing it. In my defense, I had only a couple of litters before I realized I was over my head and stopped. There were a lot of substandard dogs in my area and I simply refused to be a part of worsening that problem. It wasn't until 2008, that I felt I had acquired the knowledge and financial ability to pursue building a breeding program. Hours upon hours of research and studying even deeper into the breed's history and the bloodlines led me to start to acquire dogs that I felt I could do justice to the breed to reproduce with. It is and will always be a work in progress. My wife, Madeline and I have a passion for this breed that we simply can't quiet. She, along with our 9 year old son Daniel assist greatly with the day to day feeding, cleaning and socializing all of our dogs. I still do hours and hours of research about potential pairings for our kennel routinely. While my breeding practices won't meet the approval of one else's does either, it is obvious that we are constantly building our bloodlines up to excel wherever our puppies may go.We currently are licensed by the state of Georgia and have been inspected and met the approval of the AKC for out kennel conditions and our dog's environment and conditions. Just a word on that...Our dogs are ALL FAMILY dogs. They do not and WILL NOT live in kennels where their lives consist of having puppies, eating and sleeping! We take great pride in and will ALWAYS take pride in the fact that our dogs are handled, played with, and loved daily. We rotate 

almost all of our dogs in and out of our house and every litter to date has been whelped and raised to 3 weeks or so in our house. We are not a typical kennel/breeding operation and never will be! Our dogs are family. We currently train and work some of our dogs with South Georgia Search Dogs. Our boy Qenaz, call name, Gabriel, certified thru NAPWDA as a tracking dog at an incredible 11 months old. He is also currently training to certify soon as a trailing dog and Human Remains Detection dog. We hope to certify before summer 2014. Gabriel is also a National and International Champion confirmation dog. Our up 

and coming Quanja may well certify in the spring also as a Human Remains Detection dog. She is showing a lot of promise. Our founding girl Delilah is a certified therapy dog thru Therapy Dog Inc. and absolutely loves her job! We are trying hard to teach our son to give back to his community while giving our dogs jobs.      



We clearly love our dogs! We certainly hope that it is obvious, we are not in this just for money. I'm sure that we will be old and gray before we can attempt to break even in our investment in time and money in this venture. We simply love having puppies around and playing with them and watching them grow. It's always amazing to watch their little personalities. That being said, quality rottweilers are not expensive! They are priceless! We are very set on placing our puppies and adult dogs in the right homes. 

We will entertain payment plans if we decide that the most suitable home has only a monetary issue. I am also building a collection of nice guns and knives to give to my son one day, so we welcome barters for those items also. We will discuss options on a case by case basis and reserve every right to refuse to sell to anyone we are not comfortable with. We currently have a variety of bloodlines all of high quality in their own right. We produce puppies to fit almost any budget for the discriminating family, to the show home, to a world class schutzhund program, or working cattle ranch. Our dogs all have work and play drive and can adapt to almost any situation. We will be happy to make recommendations based on your needs as to which litters may be right for you. Prices start at $1250.00 and range to $3000.00 for 

certain picks of specific pairings. We do realize this is much less than most of our competitors, but as is mentioned earlier, we are looking to place our dogs with the right families and it's simply not all about the money. The deposit on any puppy is 25% of the total cost of the puppy not including shipping. Shipping anywhere in the continental US can be done thru Delta or Continental Airlines at a cost of about $400.00. Our puppies all come with a 2 year health warranty against any genetic defects in the dog that prevents leading a normal productive life. There are requirements on the buyer's part for this warranty to stay in tact as is spelled out in our purchase agreement. We DO NOT REFUND money. If for any reason, you are unable to get a puppy from the designated litter, your deposit will be applied to the next comparable litter at the same purchase price. If you should have a genetic defect with your puppy we will replace your puppy once we follow thru with our contract agreements. 

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